Level Wound Copper Tube

LMC Products is the exclusive UK distributor of Golden Dragon Copper Tube Group, which is the largest copper tube manufacturer in the world. With an annual capacity of 500,000T over 13 factories globally, they are responsible for 20% of the global output of copper tube each year. 

level wound coil.jpg

All of our copper tubes are manufactured to American Standard ASTM B 280 and European Standard EN 12735, and come supplied with full mill certificates. They are the ideal choice for the air conditioning and refrigeration market.

Coils can be stacked up to 6 high with a pallet separating half way if required.

All level wound coil stacks are shrink wrapped for transportation. The tubes are capped both ends and bulk packs can be secured with either copper belts or Velcro bands.

LWC Table.png