Stone Honeycomb Panels

Our lightweight stone honeycomb panels are composed of thin layer of natural stone, aluminium sheet, aluminium honeycomb and a final aluminium sheet. 

The aluminium structure backing the stone adds rigidity and strength compared to a natural stone panel, whilst also dramatically reducing the weight. A standard sized panel weighs approximately 25kg/ SQM, which is around a third of the weight of a pure granite panel of the same thickness. This makes the panels ideal for use for both interior and exterior building facades.

Compared to natural stone panels, our panels are lightweight, cost-effective and super easy to install, saving on both cost, labour and installation time. 

Our lightweight stone composite panels have been certified by Arup and named as the recommended stone panel supplier by Berkeley Group. Used on 200+ projects across the world, including three blocks of luxury flats in Londons prestigious Kensington district, this innovative solution is becoming the must use cladding products for modern developers.

For more information, please see our dedicated stone panel website: 

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